Paridaens speaker at joint ESOPRS/APSOPRS symposium at SOE Meeting in Nice, France (June 2019)

During the 2019 Meeting of the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE, 13-16 June) in Nice a joint symposium was organized by C Hintschich, the representant of ESOPRS (European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery). The topic was “Oculoplastics: new approaches towards old challenges”. The symposium was very well attended despite the early hour and discussed the newest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders, including lacrimal stenosis, orbital imaging, nanotechnology in Graves orbitopathy, endoscopic orbital decompression and combined therapies for G. O., surgery for orbital venous malformations and the use of bioresorbables in orbital reconstruction.

Paridaens was also included in another symposium during SOE2019 entitled: “Orbital Clinic – Interactive Case Presentations, with interesting contributions by European and Asian speakers.

Faculty of joint ESOPRS/APSOPRS symposium at SOE 2019 Meeting in Nice. Third from the left is organizer/moderator Christhoph Hintschich, 5th from the left moderator Haraldur Sigurdsson, President ESOPRS, 6th from the left Dion Paridaens, Secretary ESOPRS and speaker. Past-president APSOPRS Hunter Yuen (2nd from the left) was one of the moderators, the first President of APSOPRS Reynaldo Javate (5th from the right) was speaker as was Kelvin Kam-Luong Chong (most right). Other faculty members were Gangadhara Sundar (7th from the left), Francesco Quaranta Leoni (President Elect ESOPRS, 4th from the right), Karl Heinz Emmerich (past treasurer ESOPRS, 4th from the left) and Annemarie Klingenstein (3rd from the right)

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