Nanotechnology in the treatment of Graves’ eye disease (Graves’ orbitopathy or thyroid orbitopathy)

On Saturday, November 9, Dr. Paridaens, ophthalmologist / orbital surgeon and researcher at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and Erasmus MC and Consultant in ELZA Clinic, Zurich, held a Keynote Lecture on nanotechnology in the treatment of Graves’ eye disease. Dr. Paridaens was invited by the organizers of the 20th Meeting of the European Graves Orbitopathy group (EUGOGO), which took place in Pisa, Italy (November 7-9). During this 3-day congress, lectures were given by researchers, ophthalmologists and endocrinologists from all parts of the world who are involved in innovation in the field of eye disease from Graves.
In the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and the Erasmus MC there is an active orbital center that deals with new developments in the field of the causes and treatment of this complex disease, which can lead to bulging eyes, double vision and even blindness.

Nanocort for Graves’ or thyroid orbitopathy

In this context, a study was conducted in a small group of patients with eye disease into the effects of Nanocort on the inflammatory symptoms that were caused by this disorder. Nanocort is a new drug that is still in the test phase of possible application in various inflammatory diseases. It consists of small particles of 100 nanometers, in which a kind of prednisone is packed. The particles are introduced into the body via an infusion and only end up in the inflamed tissues, where they have their effect. In the so-called pilot study that was done in Rotterdam as the first center in the world for this indication, positive effects have been seen in some patients with active eye disease with the great advantage that the typical side effects of prednisone did not occur. This prompts further study and comparison with regular medication (methyl prednisolone) with regard to efficacy and side-effects.

Dr. Paridaens, ophthalmologist and researcher, at the congress center in Pisa, after giving his guest lecture on Nanotechnology in Graves Eye Disease

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