Dr Paridaens keynote speaker in Italy (SICOP, November 2018)

Dion Paridaens (third from the left) among other invited speakers and local organizers and Executives of SICOP in Taormina

On November 9th and 10th, 2018 Dr Dion Paridaens, oculoplastic surgeon in the Rotterdam Eye Hospital & Erasmus Medical Center was a guest-speaker in Taormina, Sicily during the 19e Congress of SICOP, the Italian Society of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery.

During this event Paridaens held 3 keynotes about orbital and eyelid topics, which were well received.

After his keynote lecture about thyroid orbitopathy,  Dr Dion Paridaens was thanked by Dr Francesco Quaranta Leoni, President van SICOP



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