Dion Paridaens organizer of the 5th Rotterdam Oculoplastic Symposium, December 14th 2018

On December 14th, 2018 the 5th Rotterdam Oculoplastic Symposium took place on board of the SS Rotterdam. This educational symposium with international guest speakers, including Richard Collin and Christian Decock, and national guest speakers, including Maarten Mourits, Dyonne Hartong, Christine Eenhorst, Ronald de Keizer, Gijsbert Hotte, Aad van der Lugt and Dianta Pinas, was organized by Dion Paridaens and his team (Brenda Baan, Robert Spiering, and Alexandra Bieren) as a Farewell Symposium for Willem van den Bosch, the founding father of the oculoplastic surgery service at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. It was Richard Collin, who had trained Willem van den Bosch in Moorfields Eye Hospital in the eighties.

The event was very well received by an audience of over two hundred. Dion Paridaens, Fellowship Director and colleague of Willem van den Bosch over twenty years, was very pleased with the good attendance of former (and present) fellows.

All members of the oculoplastic group and a selection of past and present oculoplastic fellow of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital around Willem van den Bosch and Richard Collin during the 5th Rotterdam Oculoplastic Symposium
Willem van den Bosch (left), his spouse and afternoon session moderator Ineke Leenders (middle) and Richard Collin (right) on the front row
Former fellows Christine Eenhorst (left) and Dyonne Hartong (right)(now active in the University Medical Center Utrecht resp University Medical Center Amsterdam) had a very entertaining joint presentation
Richard Collin from London, UK, gave two very well received lectures that were food for thought.
Dion Paridaens thanks Willem van den Bosch for his impressive presentation. But, moreover, for his great life-time achievements as oculoplastic surgeon.



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