Dion Paridaens contributed to successful ESASO Course on Orbital, Lacrimal & Oculoplastic Surgery in Lugano, January 2019

As in 2018, Dion Paridaens (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) participated in the 2019 ESASO Course on Orbital, Lacrimal & Oculoplastic Surgery Course in Lugano, Switzerland (21-25 January). ESASO is the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology.

He gave three interactive lectures on Orbital Infections, Orbital non-infectious Inflammation and on Socket Surgery. In addition he was Instructor Dissection Course, where he demonstrated an external DCR operation, as well as a lower lid entropion surgery, upper lid entropion surgery, canthoplasty for lower blepharoplasty to a large group of very motivated young colleagues-in-the-field.

Scientific Coordinators Ramon Medel and Luz Vasquez (IMO, Barcelona) commented that this course has been the best rated amongst all ESASO courses in recent years. This year’s course attracted participants from 17 countries.

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