Dion Paridaens new Section-Editor for The British Journal of Ophthalmology

Per April 1, 2021 Dion Paridaens will act as a new Section-Editor for the British Journal of Ophthalmology. At present, the BJO has an impact factor of 3.6

Dion Paridaens has already served as a Section Editor for Acta Ophthalmologica

Between 1997 and 2011 he was the Editor-in-Chief of Orbit, the international Journal on Orbital Disorders, Oculoplastic & Lacrimal Surgery.  During that period of time, Orbit was included in PUBMED and other large databases.

In addition, Dion Paridaens is a frequently invited reviewer of Ophthalmology, Eye, International Ophthalmology, among other journals.


Dion Paridaens, PhD MD


International Webinar on Orbital Inflammation and Infections by APSOPRS and ESOPRS (Febr 6, 2021)


Today, Febr 6 2021, the European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS) joint forces with her Asia-Pacific counterpart (APSOPRS) to hold a webinar on orbital inflammation and infection: the 3rd Challenging Cases in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Webinar.

High level presentations were moderated by world top specialists.
Over 1000 colleagues attending.

Dion Paridaens spoke about a rare cause of orbital infection (actinomycosis) in his presentation entitled “The Perfect Storm”. He also had a role as discussant in the panel.

COVID cannot prevent us from sharing important knowledge!
Special thank you to Farzad, Ganga, Francesco and to all who presented and moderated (even in the late evening of night!)

Dion Paridaens, Hon. Sec. ESOPRS



Dr Dion Paridaens (Rotterdam Eye Hospital & Erasmus MC) Subspecialty Coordinator during World Ophthalmology Congress Virtual 2020

Between June 26 and 29, the World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC) 2020 Virtual Meeting was held as an alternative to the original WOC Meeting planned in Cape Town, which had been cancelled because of COVID.

The Meeting was very well virtually attended by colleagues and trainees from all over the globe.

Dion Paridaens, Phd MD, Chief Executive of the European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS) and oculoplastic & orbital surgeon in the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and Erasmus Medical Center took part in the organization in his role as a Subspecialty Coordinator for Orbital, Oculoplastic, and Lacrimal Diseases. Many subspecialty courses and symposia were organized, each with contributors from all continents.

Besides the organization, he took part as a moderator in two sessions and held three teaching presentations. In the session “The Latest in Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy” he spoke about “Novel developments in the Treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease”, including the latest on the role of Teprotumumab and Nanocort.

He also co-organized the session on “Eyelid Malpositions and Malignancies: Basic to Complex”, where he spoke on the management of lower lid entropion, with emphasis on the surgical technique “lateral block excision combined with retractor reinsertion”.  Finally, he was organizer and speaker in the ESOPRS symposium on Eyelid Reconstruction, where he discussed the various surgical techniques for the reconstruction of small to medium sized eyelid defects, including several developed by himself.